What You Should Do Before Every Customer Interaction Ends

Every interaction a customer has with you will contribute to their impression of your brand. It’s important that you make sure your interactions with your customers are beneficial, both for you and for them.

Gather Data

It is very crucial that you gather all of the customer data that you can before the customer leaves.  The basic principle behind this is that you want to be able to establish contact with them again at a later date.  A name, telephone number, email and consent to further contact would suffice.

Keeping in contact with your customers is essential to get your services moving forward.  People are busy and it is easy to forget one-time interactions.  Getting their contact information will help you be able to keep in touch with your customers and hopefully provide continuing services.

Encourage Referrals

92% of consumers trust their family and friends more than your marketing materials. If you lead your customers to a good experience, they are more likely to refer you to their family and friends.  One easy way to get referrals is to ask appropriately and consistently.  Do not hound your customers for referrals. They will see this as overly pushy and you might lose a customer for good.

Instead, draw their attention to the positive experience that they have had at your hands and ask them who they know that could use the same good service.  The best advertising medium you can use is your current and former customers.  Do not let this gold mine go to waste!

Ask for Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is your sales mirror. Have you ever walked around thinking that you looked one way, then saw yourself in a mirror and realized that you had something wrong with your look but no one told you?  The same goes for customer interactions without feedback. You may think that your business model is working, and that you are having great interactions, but in reality, you could be missing something important.

Asking for customer feedback in a way that they can answer comfortably and honestly is crucial to your customer service interactions. Make sure to accept your customers’ feedback graciously and gratefully. Let them know you appreciate their opinions, and show them that you are committed to improving their experience in the future.

Make sure to gather customer data, encourage referrals, and ask for customer feedback before finishing your interaction with a customer. With these three steps, you can make the most out of your interactions with your customers.

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