How Useful Are Ethical Hackers To Businesses?

How Useful Are Ethical Hackers To Businesses?

Ethical hackers are, in truth, very similar to “black hat” or malicious hackers, as both types are skilled in finding vulnerabilities and other weaknesses. What ultimately separates them is the fashion in which they use and manipulate these vulnerabilities. Black hat hackers take the information gathered and use it for illegal personal gain or disruption, while ethical hackers fix it to prevent future trouble by the hands of the black hats. As technology develops, vulnerabilities will most certainly follow, increasing the demand for ethical hackers as time goes on. So how exactly do ethical hackers help protect businesses?

They Keep Your Business Safe From Attacks

Cyber attacks against businesses happen on a daily basis. As a result, owners are becoming more worried about these type of attacks now more than ever, and rightfully so, as 63% of small business owners in America say they have been victims of at least one sort of cyber attack. Despite this alarming number, most business owners tend to handle their businesses cyber security affairs alone, leaving them open to data breaches, phishing, and all sorts of serious security issues. Undoubtedly, ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals are the most skilled in preventing these attacks from happening.

Ethical Hackers Are Moral Black Hat Hackers

As mentioned before, ethical hackers are black hat hackers who don’t maliciously take advantage of vulnerabilities and weaknesses, but they are nonetheless familiar with the operations of a black hat hacker. They often use the same methods, tools, and softwares that black hat hackers use, making them the most suitable to deal with attacks and potential vulnerabilities. 

Limits Your Businesses Liability

Of course, the amount of cyber attacks will never fade. Day after day, small businesses continue to be targeted. Ethical hackers have the know-how, and are skilled in protecting your data. Business owners that handle their organization’s cyber security alone rarely have this, effectively making them liable if their data is breached, especially under such laws as the General Data Protection Regulation.

In summary, ethical hackers are important to every business, and should be considered by every business owner. I would wholly recommend looking into hiring one to keep your business protected. Don’t leave your organization open to attacks – be safe rather than sorry.

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