What We Believe

A Great Website is Not Always an Expensive Website

Every small business has different needs. Our websites provide the tools and services you need to reach your audience. You don’t pay for services or features that won’t directly benefit your business. 

Consultation and Support is Just as Important as Deliverables

We want you to have all the information you need to understand your customers, update your website and overcome digital marketing hurdles.

All Businesses Need an Online Presence

This is true regardless of the size, industry or location of these businesses. Consumers are increasingly moving towards making more purchases and service decisions based on search results, what they see on social media or through suggestions made by voice assistants like Alexa and Siri.

Not only does investing in your digital presence bring in more customers for lower prices than traditional advertising, but the results of this investment compound over time.

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Our Team

Edward Fisher JR

Owner & Lead Developer

I started Fisher Tech Solutions LLC to combine my two passions, small-business and great marketing. My business quickly grew as I gained experience managing clients marketing budgets and in building websites quickly and more affordably. 

My goal is to make marketing affordable for businesses of all sizes by utilizing the latest technology

Dennis James Stelmach

Web Developer

Emma Johnson

Project Manager